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algorithm blues

For the last few years my wife and I have been watching YouTube via our smart TV. As time goes by the algorithm for both Netflix and YouTube starts to edit in favor of our most watched shows. This is happening on every screen in the world. At first glance this seems to be a wonderful service, but I think this none stop feed of information and entertainment that is custom suited to our personal taste is contributing to our inability to co exist with one another. As we absorb more information on the specific subjects that interest us we start to isolate ourselves from alternative perspectives. This is displayed in the political climate in most democracies across the planet but none more so than in the US. A toxic cloud of distrust is broadcast with one message to the left and another to the right with no room for opposing opinions in- between . As weeks and months go by we are flooded with information that constantly supports our belief systems. At some point we find ourselves talking to someone on the other side of the dinner table that has an opposing view of the world and we simply avoid the conversation rather than disrupt our contentment with our perceived values that are being re-enforced by our favorite algorithm. We become unsuspecting members in the "I'm right and I know it club".

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