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Rick's plan has always been to retire into teaching.  In 2016, Rick turned 65 and feels he has mastered his mediums and it is now time to pass on the extensive knowledge he has acquired.  Every city has waste tempered glass that usually ends in the landfills or is turned into road crush.  All of this glass could be reclaimed and up-cycled into many different products while creating a "green" living for  thousands of people.  Since no heat or machines are needed and the input material is virtually free anyone can start production with no more than a few lessons and a small investment ...less than $500 for all the materials you would need to set up a studio.   


Please find below the workshops now being offered and taught by Rick in his studio in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.   Lunenburg, is a World UNESCO Heritage Site and is a hub for music and art.  Explore the numerous shops and galleries all within walking distance to Rick's studio & gallery. Lunenburg is also a working harbour and home to many tall ships including the world famous Bluenose and the

Picton Castle.


Price for workshop is in Canadian Dollars 

Group & Couple rates available.

(902) 212-2060 for more information or email

We accept; PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, E-Transfer, Bank Draft


Master Glass Artist, Rick Silas is now teaching the many innovative cold worked Silastial™ Glass processes he has developed over the past 40 years.  In this comprehensive,  hands on workshop you will learn all of his techniques including his patented process of bending glass without heat.  Rick has invented brand new and exciting cold worked glass mediums using reclaimed tempered glass (the only true way to up-cycle this abundant material.) Once you learn these processes the sky is the limit as to what you can create as they have many artistic and functional applications. Anywhere from fine art  to back-splashes and counter tops.  Please see the website for more information on the processes and applications.


  • 5 days, 10 am - 4 pm 

  • Learn all of Rick's techniques and their many artistic and functional applications including the Art of Ice Glass, Silastial Shatter Glass*, Cold Bent Glass*, Nite Ice and Hand Etching on Glass

  • All materials included....just bring an apron

  • Maximum 3 students at any one time

  • Learn how you too can make an income that is truly "green"

  • Learn how to set up your own studio/workshop 

  • Numbered certificate on completion

  • Take home several one-of-a-kind pieces you have created with Rick.

  • No experience necessary !

  •  Price:  $ 5,500 in Canadian Dollars (includes15% HST Tax) - Includes Lunches & transportation to and from Halifax International Airport (if required.) 

                                                      Please contact us for available dates or to register. 

There are many types of accommodations available in Lunenburg from cozy B&B's to Spa resorts.  Please visit the following link for more information on where to stay:

Video Testimonial by Dr. Don Stevens...."One of my top ten experiences in life."

Art of Silastial Glass Workshop - Testimonial
Play Video

“I can’t believe more [glass]companies aren’t learning this.” Gary, Licensee from the UK

Silastial Flat Shatter Glass

Cold Bent Glass

“Rick is a fantastic instructor. Friendly and helpful, he has a passion for the medium that really comes through. And should you find yourself stuck, or uncertain, he has got the idea or solution that will move a piece from good to great.” Daniel, Student  

Hand Etching on Glass with Grinder

“This is so amazing… how come more people aren’t doing this?” Quote from Student, Carolyn - after taking the etching class            

Ice Glass

“I personally feel this was an excellent course and incredible value.  I cannot recall enjoying an art class of any kind as much as I enjoyed this one! I highly recommend it to anyone.”  Cathy, Student

Nite Ice - Candle Holders

Cold Bent Glass Bowl


Can't come to us?  Rick will travel to your location to hold a group workshop.  

Minimum number of students may be required depending on location and time commitment.  

Please call us at  (902) 212.2060 or email us for more information or to register

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