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Zip line fire escape

This is a simple idea that could save many lives. By cabling large towers together a spider web of escape roots could be created by zip lining to an neighboring building. This would allow people to escape a fire and allow the fire fighters to come in from above with hoses and equipment. Other advantages could be discouraging air born impacts, adding structural safety in the advent of an earth quake and possible adding a physical communication link with in the web itself. Key personal could be trained in advance to deploy the system on one roof for evacuation while another group receives people on the lower structure. The hazard of fire increases with the age of the building and most of our cities are at risk and this could be an answer. The harness for holding people could be made from many different materials like nylon and stored on the roof in large numbers. This might sound like a crazy idea but if you are living or working in a tower this might save your life someday.

This is an idea I came up with after 911.

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