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My Tesla Cyber Truck

My wife put a deposit down on a Tesla Cyber truck for me for Christmas this year. Even though delivery is two years out I am intent on owning one of these amazing machines. I think a combination of aging infrastructure and weather extremes will cause brown outs to be far more common place than they are today. Having an electric vehicle in the driveway combined with an automatic switching mechanism called a Quasar the ev can reverse its power flow to power the house during brown outs. In my present house my oil furnace heats my water lines to provide both heat and hot water. This means in effect as long as I have oil in my tank the ev can keep the house running comfortably for short term brown outs. If the power loss is more permanent the ev can drive to a power supply to charge itself and bring that power back to the home. I know we wouldn't be able to use electric elements like stoves or dryers but we have a cloths line and between our wood stove, micro wave and our propane bar b q we could ride out the disruptions without a lot of discomfort.


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